Adjusting the Gap of the $200 autoformer

The units come gapped with a "Butt Gap" which is the largest gap we suggest. This gives approximately 20hy's of inductance and results in what we have found to be the "best" overal lsound. If you decide you would like to see what more inductance sounds like we encourage you to play and report your results back to the Forum.

the most important factor with the restacking of the autoformer lams is the foresight to design the installation with restacking in mind. Soldering at least 6 inches of leadouts to the switch and providing easy accessibility will assure carefree restacks for years to come.

The first step is to decide on the appropriate stacking from the chart below based on the desired inductance. It is important to know that as you increase the inductance by shrinking the airgap, you create a less linear device so its up to you to choose the best compromise between linearity and inductance.

Choose your required inductance and the appropriate gap.

Remove the brass retaining screws and completely disassemble the unit on a clean flat surface.

The pictures below show a stacking of 6X6 for an estimated inductance of 88-90hy.

Place the bobbin pins down on your work surface. Stack the E Lams in piles of 6 and insert them from alternating directions until with window is full. Extra lams can be divided up and placed on opposite ends or simply added on one side to complete the stacking. Several people have reported that a single lam on the ends and various other stacking arrangements have netted them positive sonic results. We encourage you to play, measure, listen and report back via the forum.

After all of the E's have been inserted repeat the same procedure with the I's. Start with one side and when that is complete, slide the brass channel over the stack to keep things in place.

Next set the unit upright and continue with the remaining I's.

Finally place the brass retaining bar rubber side down into the channel and fasten it down with the brass screws.

Thats it! You have sucessfully adjusted the gap!

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