MC Step-Up Transformers

Welcome to intactaudio.

This site fulfills the need for a new kind of web community - one in which everyone has something to offer as well as something to gain.

Until now, many great ideas have blossomed through the interaction of emails between individuals in the audio community. Then, after ideas showed promise, they may have been discussed in public or posted on newsgroups. This led to further private emails in which further creativity took place, and the cycle was repeated. This in turn has led to many fine developments in audio. However, by the time a concept was shown to work well, its roots were often shrouded in mystery, irretrievably lost to all but a few individuals. This lack of traceability seems to have greatly impeded the dissemination and leveraging of some major leaps in audio experimentation.

Imagine if every step along the way to such breakthroughs could have been traced back to their inception! All the intuitions, the merging of ideas, the settings in which they were tested, even the math, available for viewing! Greatly reduced would be your frustration when trying to adopt these developments into your own designs. And you could have, without any confusion, given credit where that credit was truly due.

Our goal is to take the information that usually travels between individuals via email and bring it into the public domain, and our hope is that others will then join in with their own experiences and ideas. The engine that powers this new approach is the forum. We hope it will serve as a living FAQ that pulls together all the theory and listening experiences into one coherent, living archive.

Our vision at intactaudio is to create magnetics that do incredible things in your own system, and that fits right in with the philosophy mentioned above. Rather than limiting your choices to items in a list of existing products, our goal is to partner with you and design, from the ground up, the magnetic device that best fits your particular need. This requires you to take an active role in the forum. This role may be limited to simply telling us of your needs and then reporting back with your listening experiences, or you may choose to be involved on a deeper level. It's up to you.

We feel that at this point in audio design theory, numbers and measurement can only tell us part of the story. "Ears-on" listening and feedback in a public forum will be of benefit to us all. The theory is all well known, but rarely predicts what we hear.

We encourage experimentation! Whether it's leading you through the adjustment of an airgap or helping you compare various core materials, we will strive to get you exactly the sound you want.

So, you ask, how can this possibly work in the real world? In order to allow you to experiment while instituting your brainchild, intactaudio offers a 65% credit toward revisions or replacement of any design. This means that if you do not like any device we devise, we will credit you 65% of the total cost (besides shipping) towards a new design. And don't worry about purchasing someone else's old design at the price of a new one. All returned designs become part of our "Certified Preowned" program, where you can purchase existing devices at reduced prices.

The key to this new business model is your interaction and feedback. Therefore, please note that the 65% policy only applies to custom designs carried out in the forum.

We are always eager to try new and different ideas. When someone says something cannot be done, it gives us all the more incentive to try it anyway. If you have that off-the-wall idea, strike up a discussion and let's see where it leads.

Intactaudio - let's remove the mystery and make some history. Together.