Filament Modules

Originally designed to provide DC for Coleman Regs, these all in one modules give up to 15V of low ripple DC output from an AC input. With 2A and 3.5A versions most popular DHT's can be configured using them. Schottky rectification and choke input filtering assure quiet and reliable operation. Full details can be seen HERE.

Current Handling

L2 Power supply chokes.

The power supply is every bit as important as the rest of a circuit and wide bandwidth chokes provide a solid foundation to build your power supply onto. These are small 49% nickel designs meant for low AC flux situations. Every engineer will tell you that all a PS choke does is provide impedance at the ripple frequency for the capacitor to work against so in theory these are a royal waste of money. Be careful because once you hear what they do, you quickly fall down the nickel wormhole.

Fixed Inductance 49% nickel PS choke.

Simply choose the desired parameters from the drop down menu.



Plate Chokes

We offer plate chokes on both nickel and amorphous cores for just about any imaginable use all designed to fit each individual particular need. Check out the forum for discussions on the sonic character of the various core materials


Tapped Line Level Crossover and RIAA inductors

These tapped inductors allow for various line, speaker and RIAA filters to be built. Full circuit design support is available through the forum. Of particular interest to many lately are the inductors for LCR RIAA networks. These can be designed to any impedance desired. The Phono section of the forum documents many of the possibilities.


Filament Supply Isolation Chokes

Many die-hard DHT users find that when they must go to DC filaments, major improvements happen when the last element of the filter is an isolation choke to keep the audio signal out of the filament supply. As an added bonus this makes your filament supply appear as a high impedance so the filament current can now traverse the output transformer (or plate choke) through a tertiary winding to offset plate current.

Speaker Level Crossover Inductors

Linear wide bandwidth cored inductors to fit specific needs. Tapped versions and spice simulation available.