Shielded MC Step-up Transformers

I take a different approach to winding MC step-up transformers. Rather than repurposing an existing blueprint, I start with a blank slate and created a completely new design. The goal is a wide bandwidth well behaved device that is wound to match a specific cartridge to a specific gain structure. Avoiding all of the compromise required in designing a universal device allows for the utmost performance for your specific needs. I use a substantial 80% nickel core that would not fit into the traditional shielding cans so some custom cans and lids were drawn from 1mm thick mumetal. The end result is a transformer with an organic character that simply gets out of the way and lets the delicate signal of your MC cartridge flow.

The 80% nickel (permalloy) cores are secured together using brass channels and held into the cans with beeswax. Nonmagnetic channels and careful attention to dielectric properties result in a clear effortless sound.

The basic design process takes into account the internal impedance and the output voltage of your cartridge and sizes the turns ratio to match needs of your overall gain structure. More info on the selection process can be seen HERE. I am currently offering the SUT's as canned units ready to be put into your shielded enclosure.

Moving Coil Step-Up Transformer Design Considerations

Shielded MC Step-Up Transformers

These SUT's are exactly what you need in the most basic form. They are 2-1/2" diameter 2-1/2" tall in a mumetal can which effectively serves as a first line of defense againt stray magnetic fields. The leads are the actual winding wire brought out for direct connection and are available in copper or .9999 silver to meet your specific needs.

Price per Pair
Cartridge and desired Step-Up


All SUT's are done custom to order and are desinged to work into an unloaded secondary. Additional loading for the cartridge if needed should be placed across the primary which loads the cartridge directly. The below calculator is helpful in determining what value to use.



Amorphous and Nickel SE output transformers

Designed to fit your system. We offer a single impedance to load version on an amorphous or nickel core. Rather than randomly apply impedance values, we work with you to optimize the design to fit your specific application. A 5K:8R sample to load a 2A3 delivered full power down to 10hz at -1dB and hit -1db at 55khz and -3dB at -85khz.


Class A Push Pull Output Transformers.

Almost all Push Pull outputs available today were designed (or based on designs) with class AB pentodes and feedback in mind. If a Class A triode output amp is in your future lets talk


1:1 Output transformer.

This is built on the same core types as our SE output but has a 1:1 turns ratio. The intended use of this transformer is to provide a load to the tube and isolate DC from its output so a smaller optimized impedance match transformer can be used to match the tube to the speaker. This output can also be wired for a parafeed plate choke, then with a simple change of connection the secondary can feed the output eliminating the parafeed cap. Of course this could also be used as a 1:1 interstage transformer.


1:1 Nickel Interstage transformer for DHT's

This is a 1:1 Interstage transformer desinged to specifically load DHT's. We add an additional winding to the IT which carries the filament current in opposition to the B+ current partially ofsetting the flux in the core. The net result is a nickel IT that doesn't saturate even under the most extreme conditions.